Workshop on Atmospheric Satellites for Asian Monsoon cloud-precipitation Science and Applications

21-24 June 2022

The main objective of WASAMSA is to make an assessment and evaluate our present understanding of cloud and precipitation systems in the Asian monsoon region and to identify gap areas for further research recommendations.

The Asian monsoon largely impacts agricultural production and hence economy of the countries under the influence of monsoon. On the other hand, the devastation due to extreme rain events is incredible interms of loss of human life and infrastructure. Thus, it is important to understand characteristics of precipitation systems and unravel the underlying processes to improve rainfall prediction. The Mesoscale Convective Systems (MCSs) are the building blocks of the Indian monsoon and precipitation systems observed over the Indian region (e.g., thunderstorms, extreme rain events, depressions and cyclones). Continuous measurements made in the past with ground and space-based platforms resulted in a wealth of observations. These data have significantly improved our understanding of precipitation organization in monsoons, cloud processes in precipitation systems and cloud microphysics.