This Interactive Workshop will include special lectures on various satellite missions of ISRO, JAXA, NASA and ESA (such as, RISAT series, ScatSat-1, INSAT-3DR, Megha-Tropiques, OCEANSAT, TRMM, GPM, CloudSat, TROPICS, IRNSS series, GLONASS, COSMIC), National & International Research Programmes in Weather and Climate, WCRP new strategic plan, and on Atmosphere-Land-Ocean processes relevant to the monsoons, energy and water cycle, clouds and convection.

The workshop includes Plenary and Invited talks by speakers of eminence and excellence on satellite missions, national & international research programmes in weather and climate, WCRP new strategic plan. Oral presentations will be organized as special sessions during the workshop by Identified Young scientists.

  • Precipitation measurements using ground and space-based platforms
  • Regional and global precipitation characteristics
  • Science of precipitation systems of the Asian region
  • Cloud convection and precipitation
  • Cloud microphisics and cloud-resolving models
  • Mesoscale Convective Systems and Precipitation
  • Rainfall modelling/prediction with numerical models