Dishi P. Thomas

Member, Organizing committee, WASAMSA2022

Programme Manager, IARSc, Bangalore

Dishi P. Thomas is working at present as Programme Manager in Atmosphere, Ocean and Space Sciences Unit at IARSc, Bangalore. She has basic Master’s degree in Space Science and Technology. Further, she obtained her M.Tech degree in Atmospheric Sciences from CUSAT, Kochi. She has done Master’s dissertation project at NARL , Tirupati on “Study of Aerosols and Clouds Using Lidar Remote Sensing Technique”, and on “Analysis of Rainfall and Radar Bright Band Characteristics over Kochi using a Micro Rain Radar” at ACARR, Kochi. At present, her research is on “GPM data validation and analysis”. She has experience of working on both Linux & Windows platforms and she is skilled in Python, MATLAB, FORTRAN and Shell scripting.