Dr Pradeep Kumar Thapliyal,

Head of the Geophysical Parameters Retrieval Division SAC, Ahmedabad, India

Dr Pradeep Kumar Thapliyal obtained M.Sc. in Physics and Ph.D. from IISc, Bangalore in 2004. His research interest is in Satellite Meteorology at SAC, Ahmedabad since 1995. He is heading the Geophysical Parameters Retrieval Division. Dr Thapliyal has major contributions in the development of operational algorithms for retrieval of various geophysical parameters from Indian as well as international satellite missions. He has significantly contributed towards the future sensor definition studies. He visited at University of Wisconsin ND worked on the development of algorithms for hyperspectral sounder. He played key role in development of the MMDRPS system for INSAT-3D series. Presently, he is Associate Project Director for Oceansat-3 Science and Applications. He is the ISRO nominated member for GSICS and CEOS-SST-VC under Coordination Group for Meteorological Satellites (CGMS). He has published more than 40 papers in peer-reviewed International Journals and was Associate Editor for the Journal of Earth System Science. Dr Thapliyal has received ISRO-ASI Award for 2015, P. R. Pisharoty Memorial Award by ISRS for 2012, J. Das Gupta award by IMS for 2011-12, and ISRO Team Excellence awards for 2008 and 2013.