Dr. Rajeev Kumar Mehajan

Scientist “G” & Advisor, Science and Engineering Research Board,
Ministry of Science and Technology, New Delhi

In a distinguished career of over 35 years across multiple domains – as Policy Maker, Field Weather Forecaster, Academician and Management Leader, Dr. Rajeev has devised operational roadmaps, achieved organizational visions and currently as a Scientific advisor to the Government of India, enables next-generation levels of Science Capital in India. In his current role, he oversees operations for research grants for various disciplines, as well as other R&D initiatives in the Industry Partnerships, PPP Model ventures, Outreach as well as Capacity Building initiatives. Dr. Rajeev career commenced as a Military Aviation Meteorologist, a commissioned officer in the Indian Air Force (IAF). He is an International Inter-Governmental Panel Expert Member for the Technical Commissions of the World Meteorological Organisation. He is Council Member for recommending the Best Corporate Brands in the country through a recent initiative Brand In-Sync Listings (BRISYL) by the Marketing Academy Discussion & Debate (M.A.D.D.). Dr. Rajeev also has the distinction to serve the United Nations (UN) as Chief Meteorological Officer. Dr. Rajeev holds Ph.D. and M. Phil. both in Meteorology, and Masters in three subjects, Mathematics, Defence & Strategic Studies, and Business Administration.